Paint To Bubble and Crack

You might have noticed that over the period of time, the surface of the paint starts to bubble and crack and often develops patches. This causes the layer of the paint to become loose and then it comes off from the walls. The main reason it happens is due to the negligence while painting, while others are completely incidental. That is why; it is always recommended that you are calling the best painters in Gold Coast for the painting job of the office and house, to avoid any such problems in the future. In this article, we are going to tell you why the bubble and crack appears on the surface of the paint.

  1. Paint Bubble and Blistering

When you apply the new coat of paint on to the walls that are not prepped in a right manner, then the coat is sure to develop the bubbles in a very short duration of time. Uneven surface of the walls that has not being sanded in a right way also causes blistering or bubbling. Another major reason that causes the paint to get sliced off the walls is the moisture at the surface. The moisture prevents the paint to get a right grip at the surface and thus, it peels off. It is highly recommended that you are calling best painters in Gold Coast to get the right coat and preparation before you go ahead with the painting project.

  1. Paint Cracking

After the bubbling and blistering, the next area of concern is the cracking of the paint at the surface. It is not necessary that the paint cracking will occur at any specific area as it can occur anywhere. The main reason behind cracking of the paint is painting directly on the surface without using the primer. Primer offers the right base and helps to remove any moisture because paint needs to be applied on a dry surface.

If you have mixed the paint in a wrong proportion, then it will also cause the paint to crack. If you are using the oil and latex based paint, then they need to get dried in a proper manner and be sure to prime the area first which is a general rule of thumb when painting indoors.

Another reason that causes the paint to crack is the low quality of paint. Always remember that the painting is done once in several years and always be sure to use good quality of paint to get a longer life. There are many good and affordable brands that are available in the market and if you have appointed one of the best painters in Gold Coast for the painting job, then he will be able to guide you in a right way. Painting is a one time job and always be sure that you are getting it done in a proper manner to get years of service from the paint.

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