Brush Choice

I just had an email request from Toby Cobblesworth from Nerang asking; ”what kind of brushes to use for painting interior walls.”

That is a good question Toby. We have made many changes to our brushes as paint manufactures change their formulas.

We always like to purchase the best brush we feel comfortable with for the application, also what sort of brush works with the paint we are using.

For internal walls brushing on say Taubmans Endure, Resene Zylone Sheen or Dulux 101 (I am just using these terms “you” may be familiar with) we use a Monarch Oval Cutter 63mm.

It has a nice solid feel and it is nice and sharp for laying off acrylic wall paint. We also use this for undercoating woodwork with acrylic undercoat such as Taubmans 3 in 1 .

Ceilings we tend to use a bigger brush that holds a little more paint like the 75mm Monarch thick stock. Ceilings are generally harder to brush as your brush will not tend to glide over existing ceiling flat.

We also use Purdy brushes from time to time. They do run at about 2-3 times the cost and I would not recommend them for DIY applications.

Woodwork. Now this is a little different as nowdays we almost use exclusively waterborne enamels. Products like Resene Enamacryl gloss, Taubmans Endure Gloss and Trim or DULUX Aquanamel Gloss tend to be easier to use than traditional turps based gloss that you have seen before.

Another great advantage of going waterborne is you don’t get the yellowing of woodwork that oils traditionally give either.

Now for a brush type for your woodwork, Monarch Advance Oval cutter is great for trims as it remains fairly stiff in the stock allowing your brush to push the paint around a little bit.

When you are looking at a brush for trim work make sure it feels fairly firm and the bristols feel fine (not like something off a hogs back!)

If your wondering about those $2 bins that have all sorts of brushes, just think about the money you have just spent on the paint. They are good for using in exterior timber fence paint and maybe the odd brick wall, that’s about it though.

Stick to a well known brand, spend as much as you can on a quality set of brushes and use the correct size brush for the job at hand.



Stephen Lockyer
Stephen Lockyer
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