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While rain is definitely enjoyed, too much rain can be disastrous- especially if there is a leak in your roof. But what can you do while waiting for roof restoration Gold Coast services? What if you detect a leak in the mid night? In this blog post, we will share some tips of what to do when there is a leak in your roof to limit damage while waiting to get it fixed by a professional.


    • Contain the leak in order to avoid more damage to your interiors

Usually, a leak slowly pools at the ceiling until it finds a place of escape, generally through a heater or light fixture. After many hours, the leak will begin to find many escape routes, making the leak look a lot worse than it actually is. Find a bulge or look for wettest part in your ceiling where water is coming from and use a bucket to collect dripping water.


If you can see water collecting in your ceiling, take a screwdriver to punch a small hole in the middle of the bulge. Though it may seem weird to create a hole in your ceiling to stop a leak, the new hole will make the water drain smoothly and ease the pressure on the rest of your ceiling. If the water collects so much that it pools, the complete ceiling could collapse. Keep in mind, smaller holes are simpler to fix than big ones.


    • Find the point of leak

Look at the highest point inside like your attic. It can prove to be very complicated to stop a leaky roof in the rain. Try to find the leak but remember that the leak in the ceiling and the leak in roof might not be in same line. An experienced roof restoration expert will later check your roof too from both inside and out.


    • Time is important

Leaky roofs can’t get better on their own or fix themselves, so the sooner you contact roof restoration Gold Coast expert, the better. Don’t allow 24 hours to turn into 48 hours or more, as each minute and every hour etc. you are increasing the chance that what could have been a manageable issue into more serious flooding problem, structural damage or mold contamination.


If you are facing any problems in your roof, then feel free to contact Repaint Pro. We are a team of experienced and reputed roof restoration experts and have experience of repairing and restoring all types of roofs.


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