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Every individual understands the importance of roof on their heads, but never understood the importance of keeping it well maintained and dirt free. Once it had been installed, people don’t do anything about it until they see signs of damage like water seeping in due to cracks in the roof. But, maintaining the roof is important and essential.

Going for re-roofing or putting a new roof can prove to be costly thing, so here are some tips to assist you delay that price.

Foul odor in attic

Do you feel that your attic smells bit moldy and damp? If yes, then there is a huge probability of your roof being damaged. When the condition of the roof goes down, it is unable to keep out the moisture, due to this the attic smells weird.

Penetration of light

Roofs not only protect your home, but they also prevent air and light from coming in your house from overhead. If suddenly you see that the thin rays of light stream into your room, it is a clear sign of damage. You should address the issue without any delay.

Shingles coming loose

With time shingles slowly start to get loose. In bad weather, they begin to shake. This can also happen due to improper installation like roofs loose granules just after being set up. Shingles also lose due to damage of UV protection. When the UV protective sheath on the roof gets damaged, the granules get damaged at faster speed. Missing shingles are clear signs of problems with the roofing.


A damaged roof eventually leaks, which is one of the most signs that your roof needs repair. Leakage begins when the damage has gone beyond the primary stage.

Signs of damage

As time passes, the condition of the roof deteriorates. When that happens, it becomes important to get the roof restored without any delay by understanding the signs of damage. The biggest problem here is that the roof is not properly visible and most people don’t check for signs of damage. But, it is essential so that the warning signs can be identified at primary stage and repaired in pocket friendly rates.

Benefits of roof restoration

The key advantage of roof restoration is that you save handsome amount of money. Even if pay some price, it is definitely less than what have to pay if you opt for completely new roof. On an average, we can say that homeowners are able to save 50-70% off the price of building a new roof.

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