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Some Useful Tips To Help You Even If You Don’t Hire Us: Spray painting: safety precautions


  • Never ever point the gun at anyone, not even as a playful gesture.
  • Never bring gun tip in contact with our body. Like don’t place fingers or hands on the tip, no matter pressurized or unpressurized.
  • Always turn off the power and relieve the fluid pressure before repainting the equipment or trying to remove the fun tip, filter or gun itself from the system. Keep in mind that shutting off the power doesn’t relieve the system pressure.
  • A plugged hose usually contains fluid under high pressure. Always cover a swivel coupling with a rag and loosen coupling slowly. Before disconnecting the hose completely, release the pressure slowly.
  • After turning the power off and relieving fluid pressure, always remove the tip from the gun in order to clean it.
  • Reversible spray tips can be rotated for cleaning blockage and don’t need to be removed from the spray gun.
  • Always tighten threaded connections securely and carefully, with an open box or crescent wrenches of the right size.
  • Handle hoses properly in order to avoid cuts and abrasion to the hose, which can cause dangerous leaks or damage to the ground wire. Inspect the fluid hose frequently. Don’t try to repair airless spray hose, rather replace it.
  • When not using the gun, engage the trigger safety to prevent accidental triggering. If there is a trigger guard on the gun, don’t remove it. If the gun has a safety tip guard, don’t remove or modify that guard, as it is designed to prevent contact between the body and the tip.
  • Don’t exceed the maximum fluid line pressure of the equipment.
  • Always follow the solvent and paint manufacturer’s safety precautions.
  • When flushing a system, use the lowest pressure possible. Remove the tip and hold the gun carefully against the inside of a grounded metal waste container to prevent static sparking.

Personal Protection

Many coatings are dangerous:

  • Avoid contact with the nose, mouth, eyes and skin.
  • Avoid breathing solvent fumes or paint mist.
  • Wear well-fitting clothes and keep all the body parts covered.
  • Hats, steel-toed work boots, and gloves should be worn for some work
  • Eye protection or safety glasses should be worn at the time of spraying and flushing to prevent fluids from coming into contact with the eyes.
  • Material Safety Data Sheets should be checked for information about the hazards of the paint being applied.

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Image Source: pexels.com

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