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Home painting is one of the most common home improvement projects to significantly change the look of your home and enhance the value of home. Every year thousands of people decide to get their homes painted whether only a room, a series of rooms, the interior or the exterior of the home.

Just like any other home improvement project, painting projects can be completed smoothly with an effective plan and right approach. To assist you, here we are listing key steps in any residential painting project. So, continue reading.

Before the project starts

Although it seems as easy as just hiring the painters in Gold Coast to get the home painted, there is a lot of preparation, research and thought that must be done to ensure a great project. The key steps are:

    • Calculate the amount of work required: Find out all the area of the home that you want painted. You want to get home painted because you see fading or chipping paint? Or because you want to change the color of the wall? Also, take number of other things into consideration that may need a fresh coat of paint, don’t just concentrate on the walls. This will help you discuss your project clearly with the painters Gold Coast.
    • Find design inspiration: The design inspiration will assist you guide your project. It will assist you specify the look and styles that you want for you home. This will also help in choosing the right colors and give a direction to painters.
    • Researching painters in Gold Coast: Before you hire the first painter you find, research the available painting companies in your area to compare their services and pricing. Look for online reviews and visit the website of the painters to know more.
    • Get quotation: Get quotation from top painters. The amount of work and design inspiration will assist in gathering a correct estimate.


    • Hiring a painter Gold Coast: After you have gathered quotes, it is time to choose the right professional for your project. Don’t make your decision depending on the lowest estimate, but also consider experience, ratings, reviews, awards, portfolio and client support. Also, make sure they are licensed and fully insured.
  • Choose paint colors: If you have not decided about the paint colors during the inspiration phase, then it is time to make your final choice. Referring the color wheel will assist you learn about how colors work together. You must also consider architecture, interior and designing of your home when choosing paint colors. Painters can also assist you choose the right colors.

There are many more things that you should consider to make your home painting
successful. We will talk about more things in part 2 of a comprehensive guide to a successful painting project.

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Stephen Lockyer
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