In par 1 of comprehensive guide to a successful painting project, we discussed about the preparation that one should make before the painting project. In the part 2 we will discuss about the key preparations required during and after the painting project.


During the project

During the painting project your painter will take over, but you should still have an understanding about what will happen during the project. The key steps are:


Preparing the area: A professional painter will always begin by preparing the area for paint. This includes things like removing décor pieces, moving furniture away from the walls, taping areas that need to be painted and covering the flooring. This preparation protects your furnishings and furniture from getting dirty and painted during painting.


Priming: Priming involves applying a coat of specially formulated primer onto the surface to get it ready for the color paint. Although priming is not essential, it provides an array of benefits including preparing a better surface for painting, neutralizing dark colors and blocking stains.


Painting: During this phase your house gets a makeover. How long the actual painting will take will depend on the area that needs to be painted, the number of coats to be applied and the efficiency of interior house painters Gold Coast. Professionals ensure to clean up every day to reduce the disturbance in your home.
Clean up: The cleanup process as name suggests is the phase when all the mess created during is cleaned. Tape is taken down, furniture is moved back and accents are put back at the place.

After the project


When the project is done, you want to keep your painted surfaces looking fresh and appealing for as long as possible.


Cleaning: It is important to clean periodically in order to keep your walls and other painted surfaces in top shape. For interior surfaces, ensure to use a soft cloth that won’t scratch the paint, also use very mild soap that won’t discolor the paint. For exterior cleaning use power washing.


Touching up paint: Over time some imperfection may develop in your paint, like chips, scratches etc. Touch up paint is hard but in some cases it delivers great results. The primary factor is that you should have a leftover can of the original paint. You can also hire interior house painting Gold Coast services.


This guide has taken you through the entire process of residential painting. Use it to organize all your interior and exterior painting projects for stress-free and successful home improvement.


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Stephen Lockyer
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