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Those stains, scuffs and dull colors on the walls just are not doing much for the décor of your home anymore, so you have decided to repaint the interior of your home. That is nice! The professionals at Repaint Pro are experienced interior painters who can turn your vision into reality. To start the process, let us answer some important questions that you should always ask before you assign the project to the painting company.


Can you share a few references i can talk to?

Word-of-mouth is Repaint Pro’s best friend. We would be happy to share contact details of our satisfied customers who enjoy working with us and recommend us to their friends and family too. If a Gold Coast painting company doesn’t have any references, then you may want to give a second thought to hiring them.


How much will my painting job cost?

This seems to be a very obvious question but you would be shocked to know that many clients fail to get the price of a painting job in advance and end up being very shocked when they are given the final invoice. With Repaint Pro, there are no surprises. We provide free quotation.


How you would be preparing each room for painting?

Our painters would be happy to move small pieces of furniture out of the room, cover the remaining furniture and floors with cover sheets. However, as a home owner you should remove artwork or pictures from the walls and take other accessories and decorative pieces out of the room.


Are you insured and licensed to work in Gold Coast?

Repaint Pro is both licensed and insured to work in Gold Coast. These protect our customers in case any of our painters get injured on a job. Without enough coverage, you the homeowner could be liable if any worker- not only a painter gets hurt while working on your property.


How much time it will take?

Whether you are getting every room painter over the course of a week or two or you are having one room painted in a day, you deserve to know when the painting project will start and when will it end. And Repaint Pro painters will arrive on time and leave your home at a reasonable time.


Call Gold Coast interior painters today


Have more questions? Then, give Repaint Pro a call today. We will be glad to answer any question before we start painting your home.


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