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The curb appeal of your home and the attractiveness of its exterior play a vital role in making your property easier to sell. In a recent survey, it was found that 71% of homebuyers consider curb appeal a key factor when buying a home. A huge percentage says they won’t even get out of their car, if they don’t find a home aesthetically pleasing.


If you are planning to sell your home in the future, ensure it looks appealing to potential buyers. It should be able to make a nice first impression. Inviting people to get in and see the rest of the property.


Here are a few home improvement projects that can improve the curb appeal of your home.


Update the walkway and driveway

The walkway and driveway are key features of the exterior of home. Any uneven surfaces, oil-stained areas and noticeable cracks can be off-putting to potential home buyers. Consider replacing the surface with a concrete surface or colored tiles or with stones or bricks.


Install outdoor lighting fixtures

Exterior lights not only welcome guests at nights but also improves the safety of your property. It assists emphasize landscaping, and highlights other features present on your front yard. Solar lights work best in sidewalks and paths as they are easy to install and don’t require running electrical cable or extension cords.


Upgrade the hardware

Even simple things, like the handle of front door and your house number can affect the curb appeal of your property, so don’t avoid them. Replace outdated lock and handle, change rusty light fixtures, and install a new set of home numbers and wall-mounted mailbox to make your front door look better.


Apply a fresh coat of paint

Update the look of your property with a fresh coat of paint. Be careful when choosing colors, because it is not necessary that prospective home buyer would have same taste when it comes to colors. Bold shades may make a statement, but they might not be as attractive to potential buyers as neutral colors. Try using tried and tested colors like cream, beige and white to be safe.


There are various ways to improve the curb appeal of your property, but nothing can change the look like a painting project. Contact Repaint Pro today and let our painting services Gold Coast make your home more impressive and appealing to buyers.


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