Here is an interesting painting task. From the start this fence line look like just a very hard one to paint and most owners would just tend to leave it.

A couple of challenges from a painters point of view are….

1. Not smothering the back of the plant with paint and having it look ugly for the next two years while it grows out

2. Not marking the metal braided line with paint

3. Not snapping any part of the plant along the line of wire. If this happened the rest of the vine would die off.

We took the owner up on the challenge of leaving his plant looking like we had not been there to paint or breaking it at any point along the way.

The fence line was about 15 meters long and to get two coats on taking the greatest amount of care took about 4 man hours. Using cardboard and tape to protect his plant and gently releasing the tension on the wire so we could pull the plant back from the wall just enough to get our hands in there we nervously painted our way around the fragile stem or trunk of the vine.

We think this is a much better result than just leaving it because it looked too hard!



Stephen Lockyer
Stephen Lockyer
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