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A perfect combination of right paint colors and great decorations is what makes a home beautiful. However, selecting a color is not an easy decision, as it creates the right mood of your room and influences the finished look.


Here are common paint color mistakes that you should not commit:


Paint ceilings with flat white

Ceiling is the largest wall in any room and plays an important role in deciding the overall look and feel of the room, but most people don’t emphasize on painting ceilings right. Painting a ceiling white might reduce the overall look and feel of the room, so you must choose an elite dark instead.


Ignoring the light

With improper light, the wall paint color would not be much to look at. In addition, how much right light can make a color enjoyable, it can also make a white look stained or dirty. Before painting your walls, use a sample to see how it looks in all light of the day including the artificial and natural light. You can also consult professional painting Gold Coast experts about the same and ask about the type of light that will boost the look and appeal of your color.


Looking for matching – matching

It is appealing to keep things simple and instantly pick a color matching your furnishings or matching fabric of the couch. You don’t want everything around you to have a same color. It is better that you go for contrast colors or choose greyed out edition of the color.


Using too many colors in the wrong balance

There is no limitation on the number of colors you can use in one space. However, using too many colors with inadequate balance might give a strange and bizarre look to your room. To avoid making this mistake, remove colors unless you begin to feel balance. Or, you can also focus on the quantity of every color you use that will be the primary colors and a few accent colors.


Keeping things too simple

Keeping everything too simple to be safe is one of the most common color mistakes that people usually make. Similarly, if you plan to use neutral colors, make sure you also include some stronger colors. The key mistake you might make with neutrals is not using it in sufficient contrast. Make sure your color choices don’t make your room look boring.


These are some of the common paint color mistakes that might spoil the painting and decoration of your home. To make your home amazing and aesthetically pleasing with right painting, you can always get help from professional painting Gold Coast experts.


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