It is a popular fact that you have to get your walls painted more often than the ceilings in your home or office. Normally, people get their ceilings painted every 10-15 years. But, it is recommended to get them painted more often and here are three reasons why.

  • To cover up stains

The first key reason that drives individuals to get their ceilings painted is without a doubt, the need to cover up the stains without getting in trouble of cleaning the surface. Usually, painting contractor in Gold Coast say that it is possible to paint over the stains be it on the walls or the ceiling. However, there are a few exceptions- for grease and for mold, the cleaning step is essential so that the dirt won’t resurface through the freshly applied coat of paint.

  • To repair cracks sand holes

If your ceiling shows cracks or holes, it is essential to first take time to repair those cracks with plaster, sand it until you get a nice and smoother surface, and then seal the new plaster with the help of the paint primer, in order to ensure the plaster won’t come out and the new paint will stick a lot better on the surface. Sealant also makes your ceilings waterproof, so now you can rest assured when your kid plays water gun inside the home. You don’t have to worry about molds getting into the roof and ceiling because the surface will be waterproof.

  • To give a particular style to a room

A number of people add a paint color to their ceiling to give a particular style to your home. Painting contractor in Gold Coast generally use a dark color for high ceilings and a lighter shade for low ceilings in order to create amazing optical effect. These days, people also prefer getting the focal wall painted in the same color as the ceiling.

Why hiring services of professional painting contractor is essential for painting your ceiling?

There are various reasons why hiring services of a professional is important for interior and exterior painting projects, but one really significant reason why hiring services of an expert is essential for ceiling painting is the safety. Painting at such a height is not at all safe especially if you have no prior experience and knowledge of painting a ceiling.

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