When painting your home, it is a good time to be careful against making silly mistakes when painting your home. The fact is most early paint failures take place due to a silly error or a poor decision.


Here are some of the common things where people make mistakes:


    • Buy low quality, low cost paint


Low cost paint is actually a fool’s gold. It can be a lot more difficult to apply, also the appearance is less than perfect and it doesn’t last as long as top quality paint. If you are foolish enough to choose this route, keep those brushers and rollers in front of your eyes, as you will soon need them again. Just buy the high quality paint, like a top-line 100% acrylic latex coating, and get a durable, better looking paint job.


    • Buying poor quality brushes and rollers


Trying to save money by buying “cheap” brushes and rollers is another example of silly mistake. Substandard paint applicators may be cheap, but they make a paint work more complicated and also affect the finished look of the paint. So don’t cut corners. Using better quality paint brushes and rollers will make it easy to apply a more uniform coat of paint, giving you more appealing finished paint job.


    • Poor surface preparation


Even if you are a great painter, your work can easily go wrong if you fail to properly prepare surfaces before beginning to paint. Outdoors, that generally means sanding and scraping to remove peeling or loose paint, priming unpainted surfaces and removing dirt and dust. Indoors, good surface preparation involves washing walls, correcting imperfections with caulk or spackle, and concealing stains with a right primer. By doing this you can make your painting project a huge success.


    • Painting in the wrong weather conditions


Even the highest quality exterior paint can look awful when applied in extreme weather – when it is too hot or too cold or windy. Try to paint in mild, not wild weather and your paint job will go right.


No matter what time of year you being your next painting project, remember you can easily avoid these silly mistakes.


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Stephen Lockyer
Stephen Lockyer
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