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Beware of cheap roof restorations Gold Coast that sound too tempting to ignore- probably it is just a hoax.


When carried out by licensed and qualified professionals, roof restorations are a very effective way to make your home better and increase the value of your property.


However, homeowners must protect their assets and be careful of the many cheap roof restoration companies who are currently flooding the market with shonky roof restorations that are hard to ignore.


There have been many reports of homeowners using these unreliable roof restoration companies and ending up with a roof in worse condition. Many of these inexperienced professionals are unlicensed and uninsured, using poor quality products and cutting crucial corners. The homeowners pay to have their roofs restored and only months after the restoration they start noticing signs of damage, with peeling paint and broken tiles. Sadly these clients are left with nothing but fake promises, fake warranties and a poor quality damaged roof at significant financial and emotional price.


These “too good to be true” service providers target an area, promising satisfaction, warranties and in some cases placing huge ads on street signs and in local papers. Usually, the only details advertised is the mobile number and the price- no address, license number, ABN or business name. That mobile number keeps changing and they movie to the another suburb in search of new clients to exploit.


Below are a few simple steps to avoid these shonky operators.


  • Keep in mind – if it sounds too good to be true – it probably is!
  • Do your research and hire a reputed roof restoration Gold Coast company
  • Don’t be tempted by cheap and nasty ads- ask what is included and ask around in order to find out you will actually get what you pay for.
  • Ask for qualification, license, and other business details
  • Do they have a website or client testimonials to back their words
  • How much experience have they?
  • Ask your friends and family for recommendations

Repaint Pro has got many calls from homeowners asking that we fix the problems left by those nasty and cheap contractors. Sadly it is not always possible to repair the loss and the client is faced with the difficult choice of learning to live with their damaged roof or paying for a brand new roof. Save yourself from all the trouble and make sure you hire licensed and qualified professionals when getting roof restored.


If you want more details about roof restoration, feel free to contact us.


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