Like the painting of the walls in the house, you also have to give equal importance to the painting of the ceilings. They play a vital role in making the room appear bigger and brighter and you must select a shade that goes well with the colour on the wall. A right colour not only adds more depth to the room, but it also gives you a more positive feeling. In this article, we are going to show you how you can add more cosiness to your home by painting the ceilings in a right way.

 1. Preparation

Before you decide to get the house painted, call in a residential painter Gold Coast and take an estimate for the job. Before the ceiling is painted, you need to make sure that it has a right base and if there are any cracks on the surface, then you need to get them repaired on first hand basis. Patch up any imperfections on the walls and smoothen the surface. Make sure that you have moved all the important furniture to a more secure place as the paints and the primer will be dripping on the floor.

   2. Making the Room Look Airier and Brighter

Painting plays a vital role in making the room look bigger. If you have selected a very dark shade for the ceiling, then you will end up making the room look smaller. For the right shade, always go in for the colour that matches up with the rest of the theme on the walls. Putting up a natural shade will give your house a warmer feel and a cosier atmosphere. When you contact the residential painter Gold Coast, they give you the shades option and you also have the choice to get a shade made of your choice.

     3. Tips for Painting the Ceiling

Before you start to get the ceiling painted, always make sure that you have selected the right shade. If you want to create a contrasting effect, then you can go for a darker shade with the matching lighter shades on the walls. Always remember that each room has different characteristics and you cannot select the same paint for the ceiling for each of the rooms in the house. However, if you are someone who loves the white shade, then you can go ahead with the decision as it is going to reflect a lot of light and will match with almost all the shade of paints.

If you have a room at the back side of the house that gets low light as compared to the other rooms of the house, then selecting a lighter shade for both the walls and the ceiling will help you to make it appear brighter. The shades that you can choose for the ceiling are pale peach, light blue, warm tan, burnt orange, and deep purple. Get them in lighter shades and choose the matching tone for the walls to have that complete look.

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