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Interior doors aren’t that big of a deal, right? I mean you open and close them and that’s about it, but they are a part of the interior of your house, commercial business, unit, complex and so much more, so making sure they look nice is important.

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How To Know A Quality Paint

For most of us, a good quality paint is that which covers well, goes on smoothly, and lasts longer. While everything looks the same in the can, finding a good quality paint can be difficult.


Common Paint Problems And Solutions

Things do not always go right while painting. There are times when painters and clients experience certain challenges that may hinder their work progress and even end up terminating the entire project.

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Interior house painting

Interior house painting is something that everyone gives a red hot go, but this doesn’t always turn out the way you planned it.

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Great Roofing Tips from Painters Gold Coast

There are a lot of Roof Restoration Benefits and of you are going to keep a vigilant eye on the condition of your roof, then you could save yourself from expensive repairs.

Can you patch your own walls and save money

Some tenants and owners tend to get quite embarrassed with holes in walls or ceilings and think about patching the job themselves prior to getting us in to paint it.

Painting and staining interior timber

We love to paint and stain interior timber.  Something about raw timber and been able to put the final finish on the wood just gets us excited! 

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Painters in Gold Coast Explain Texture Painting

Are you considering renovating the interior of your home? You will find that huge variety of interior paints is available, ranging from colors to different sheens and special, safe formulations for a kid’s room.

Exterior Painting Garage Doors

We get asked quite a lot about one area of the garage doors that we dont paint.  Take a quick look at this video about painting garage doors and why we dont paint the leading edges of the panels on these style of doors.

Exterior painting Sovereign Island

This is a bit of a grainy video of a house we had painted in Sovereign Island runaway Bay.  Massive amounts of molding detail on this project.