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Some of the most soothing memories involve brown colors, maple syrup over Sunday pancakes, hot chocolate on a cold winter night and pumpkin pie during the holidays. So, why not consider the warm, rich brown color for your residence? Browns have some of the most pleasing and subtle tones. If you are considering redoing the décor of any particular room in your home, take a look at some creative ways to use brown.


Why brown?


On the contrary to what people generally think, brown actually has the broadest range of variation of any color. Brown allows you to create lots of different looks from a cool to chic look.

Painting ideas to use brown color throughout the home


Master bathroom or bedroom


The tile and granite many people use in their bedroom goes well with brown. Brown can play off their surfaces to compliment your skin tones in a bathroom mirror. Brown hue means you will be seeing yourself in the best light. A taupe color can match perfectly with the crisp whites of drapes or linen bed sheets.


Dining room


For a dining room, try a dark, chocolate brown. The dark, rich color creates drama and can be perfectly paired with dark wine-colored curtains. Brown also works effectively with sapphire or cobalt. You can create a relaxing, luxurious area with brown in the dining room and use some bold colors like white, black or blue to make a statement along with powerful brown.


Kid’s bedroom


When it comes to painting children’s bedroom, people often think of bright and bold primary colors or pastels. But, remember brown can be a great option too. Coffee colored walls or stripes can be playful and sophisticated in a kid’s room.




The calm of brown also makes it perfect for a commercial facility. Try a warm, medium value brown along with dark green stripes for a space where you will feel focused and at home while doing the work. Pale peach or light gold can actually highlight the natural light and warmth of brown, so if you have furniture with any of these colors, you might be surprised to see how well both complement each other.


Get started. Set your interior redesign in motion


We know that everybody loves to spend quality time with their family in their home, so it is important to make it the most soothing and inviting space. Whether it is a dark chocolate brown or rich coffee, these hues will add warmth to your home.


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