Are you planning to sell your home this spring, then consider paint touchups for quick results and better price. The higher perceived value of a properly kept property is well documented, and there is no easier or more reasonable way to give that impression than to freshen the paint.


From where to start? Here is a list of top 10 places for paint touchups.

    • To attract prospective buyers to your property, make sure it is well painted. That assists make a great first impression.


    • Next, prepare your entrance hall, where would be buyers get their first idea of your home’s interior. Clean each and every corner and touch up walls where the paint has stains or marks. Even better: apply a new coat of neutral-colored paint in the entrance hall.


    • Kitchen and bathrooms are carefully examined, so five extra attention to these rooms. Touch up as required and pay special attention to the powder room, which almost everyone will visit while touring your home.


    • Size is important when it comes to the kitchen. To make your kitchen look bigger, paint the kitchen in a very light color, experts recommend off-white. Also, clean all the stains from the walls and remove water spots by applying some primer and a coat of touchup paint.


    • Check your windowsills, especially if there is a nice view. Prospects mat stop to have to a look, and you don’t want to spoil the moment. Sand, prime and paint every sill where people may stop for a view.


    • Check your woodwork. You can easily touch up chipped or marred paint on floor molding and chair rails.


    • Examine areas that come in high contact with dirty hands- especially door edges, doorframes, window frames and the walls around the light switches. If the areas are dirty or stained, clean it, if your paint allows and if it doesn’t then go for touchups.


    • Use the same approach with cabinet doors. Remove fingerprints if possible or touch up those that are painted. Be careful about your kitchen, make sure everything is spotless.


    • Ceilings showing water stains are a warning sign for prospective buyers. If you have one or more prospective home buyers, make sure that the roof is perfect, then take time to prime and re-paint it or hire services of home painters Gold Coast as painting roof is not easy.


    • Finish your touchups by examining all remaining sections of wall and woodwork, looking for stains and marks and stray flecks of paint. Hide them all with some touchup paint.


By following these tips of paint touchups you can make your home ready for sale. You can also hire services of home painters Gold Coast to make your home ready for sale.

Image Source: arafen.com

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