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Choosing the best color scheme for a commercial space is not easy. Whether you work independently from a small office, or manage a small company or you are the president of a big organization, paint color can have an effect on you and your employees’ mood. You don’t just want to create a professional and beautiful color scheme; you want to create a soothing atmosphere that increases people’s efficiency.


All colors evoke some feelings and emotions no matter how much you have used in a room, here are a few popular color options and the type of emotions they convey.


Purple: This color promotes creativity, purple assists calm the mind and soothes stressed nerves. It is also popular as color of luxury, power and wealth.


Brown: Strong and reliable, brown creates a simple atmosphere in an office. For a versatile look try using shades of brown like beige and tan.


Gray: Gray is an executive color, many shades of gray work effectively in a number of color schemes.


Orange: bright orange color is definitely eye-catching, highly used in welcoming area. The color instills feeling of independence.


Green: A relaxing color known for its soothing effect and it is also popular as color of money- a driving force for business. Balancing warm and cool colors, green promotes feeling of safety.


Yellow: Rarely used in big commercial spaces, it is an informal color. If you work from home that you could benefit from yellow accent wall as it prompts energy and intellect.


Blue: Blue color symbolizes reliability and wisdom. It is great for offices as it is a tranquil color that both men and women find appealing.


White: Makes small places look larger, white reflects lights and adds brightness to any place. White promotes purity, and it is a great addition to many color schemes.


Don’t forget to call your local Gold Coast painter to schedule a time to get an estimate on your commercial painting project and have them assist you choose the best type of paint for the job.


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