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Stucco is a popular choice for the exterior of your home due to many reasons. It creates a durable, hard and weather-resistant surface that protects your home. Highly versatile, stucco can feature raked, smooth and even circular patterns that make your home look more appealing. And lastly, it contains 3 economical materials- cement, sand and lime that make it a quality and economical product.


No matter how great stucco is, it needs to be painted every few years or so. When considering repainting your stucco exterior, keep the below mentioned points in mind.


    • Have a look at the present stucco that is on the building/house and check to find out what type of shape it is in. Are there any cracks or patches that must be repaired before painting? Is the stucco peeling off or there are areas that need to be repaired? These types of issues need to be taken care of before you start painting job.
    • Do you plan on using a sprayer or a roller, or both? A sprayer is easily available on rent and is the best way to paint stucco exteriors, it is a lot faster, uses less material and gives a professional looking paint.
    • What type of texture do you have, a smooth one or a rough one? The two different types of textures will need different tools and methods to properly adhere to the present texture. A smoother texture will need small amount of paint while the rougher texture will need more paint.
    • If the stucco is new, wait for at least 60 days before applying a fresh coat of paint. This will allow it to cure completely and harden up before the stucco is sealed with any type of paint.
    • Is the present stucco painted or not? Even if it is or it is not, you must pressure wash it before applying new coat of paint in order to wash away all of the loose paint and material that may obstruct the painting process.


The Preparation work:

    • Make sure that all of the vents, trim, doors, windows and other fixtures that won’t be painted are covered properly. This will ensure professional results quickly and easily.
    • Caulk small gaps and cracks with the help of paint-able exterior grade caulk. When caulking try to add a little texture to the caulk to make it similar to the stucco, if it is a rough texture.
    • Pressure washing the stucco before applying the new coat of paint is recommended. Pressure washing will remove the dirt and debris and ensure that paint will adhere well on the stucco.


For stucco exterior painting, feel free to contact Repaint Pro. We are a reputed team of painters in Gold Coast with 20 years of experience in residential and commercial painting.


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