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Cracks On The Wall And What To Do With Them

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Cracks On The Wall And What To Do With Them

Painting your home is a very fun activity regardless of how many times you do it. It is however energy and time consuming, so, if there is anything you want, it is that you get it right. When it comes to getting your painting right we are not just talking about making sure that there are no crooked lines. Many homeowners have taken a whole weekend to paint their home and by the time they are done with the fulfilling yet demanding endeavor, they discover cracks in the wall.
There are ways to remedy the situation and it all begins with identifying the cause of the crack.

  • Structural Damage: with a simple glance, you can tell whether you have a surface problem or major structural damage. If you see that the crack is long and wider than an inch then you need to pay more attention in its repair. If a simple repair job does not keep the crack from reappearing in a short time then calling in a professional for an assessment is the smart thing to do.
  • Hairline Cracks: These are basically the opposite of the structural damage cracks. They are very thin and short in length so you are more likely to spot one of these in most homes than the latter.

Below are the reasons you may be having one of the two cracks in your home or both.

  • Contraction/Expansions: whenever there are changes in the temperature and humidity around our walls, the walls’ building components expand and contract. This therefore depends on factors such as the weather, having air-conditioning or which way the wall is facing in relation to the sun. These movements however small they may be will eventually cause cracks.
  • Quality of Paint: it is understandable to want to achieve projects on a budget but one sure fire way to get cracks is going for low quality paint simply because it fits into a desired budget. It is wiser to go see one of the best Commercial Painters Gold Coast has to offer so as to ensure the paint you buy is top notch.
  • Shoddy Plasterwork: Once cement plaster has been applied onto the walls, you have to give it sufficient time to dry. Most of the times a crack appear a few hours or days after the paint was applied it is due to the fact that the plaster did not dry properly.
  • Shoddy Painting: When the task of painting begins everybody is fully energized and excited. As the reality dawns on how much work is still left to be done to complete a project, people rush it. Once you have some areas that have no layers or layers placed over wet layers then you will end up with cracks.

Once you have identified the type of cracks and why you have them, there is no point in postponing repair. Ask the Painters Gold Coast has listed if they have the materials you need to fix the crack. Clean the crack and put in filler till it is absolutely covered. Scrape the surface flat and let it dry for a day. Once the paint is dry (after about 1 day), use paint like Nippon Paint 3-in-1 Medifresh which was designed for covering hairline cracks.

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