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Dreaming of what lies above and beyond our night sky is something that man has done for centuries. Galactic ceiling murals used to be previously a luxury confined to hotels and high end restaurants. Nowadays however, they can be found in more and more homes including yours. Below are the instructions on doing your own galactic ceiling.


  • Phosphorescent Paint – This is also known as glow in the dark paint. That means that during the day you will not notice the painting but at night when the lights go off, your painting will light up the ceiling. The reason why you should get it is due to the fact that the black and indigo you intend to use for the galaxy will really darken the mood of the room. The glow in the dark paint will help offset this mood.
  • Getting Ready – The first thing you need to do is get together all the things that you need for this project. They can be found at a majority of the commercial Painters Gold Coast has to offer.
    • Phosphorescent paint
    • Paint Roller
    • Paint Brush
    • Painter’s tape
    • Wall sealer
    • There are also optional materials that you can buy like gloves, ready-made star stencils and galaxy maps.
  • BackDrop – The best way to begin your mural would be by using the various phosphorescent paints. The more paint colors you have the better. You can consult a painter gold coast recommends when choosing the colors. The backdrop would have your galaxies and any large planets you would like to include there. It can be based on real photos from NASA or you can use your imagination or movies.
  • Constellations – One of the greatest joys of having the galaxy above you is being able to join the dots and identify a constellation. Get a ruler and pencil to draw very thin lines that will make for the constellations. Once these are done you can then take a round brush and paint the stars according to the size of your choice and backdrop.
  • Nebula – To get a great looking nebula you need to mix the various glow paints together in order to get a “smokey” effect. Brush just a little bit of the “smokey” paint onto the wall. Using your fingertip which is still inside the gloves, rub the paint until it gets you the desired gaseous look.
  • Stars – Now that all the large details of your mural are done, all you have to do is fill in the myriads of stars of different sizes. Easy methods include flicking a toothbrush that was dipped in the paint or spraying the paint through stencils.
  • Sealing – To ensure that you can enjoy your mural for the longest time possible, it is important that you go the extra mile to apply a top coat. You can buy Nippon’s odour-less wall sealer at any house painters Gold Coast shops.

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