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Whether you use your deck for weekend fun or use it as a cozy corner of your home where you like to read your favorite novels or listen to your favorite band, proper maintenance and care of the deck is essential, especially if you want to keep it in great condition for years to come. And only because the wood looks dirty, you don’t have to get a new deck. Proper maintenance, cleaning and some fresh stain may restore the look of your outdoor haven.


Sadly, the effects of nature will damage the new shiny surfaces of your wooden deck and it may even start to look dirty and color can get changed to gray or black. Properly inspecting and cleaning the deck regularly is essential for the life of the deck. As you start your inspection, start by looking for dry rot, which is a fungus that develops in moist wood. It is more popularly seen in areas that are shaded from sunlight. It will spread, if left untreated and could damage entire wood, causing some structural changes and damages. Be careful while searching, look between the timbers and areas where timbers and boards meet.


Take a screwdriver and jab it lightly in the wood. If you feel resistance to your efforts or if the wood feels like cardboard there could be rot in your deck. If you see seriously damaged timbers or boards, replace them immediately. However, if there is no serious damage, just chip the affected wood and apply a fungicide to solve the issue. Once you are done with the initial inspection, clean the deck properly. People are generally tempted to use the power washer, but you must be careful when using a power pressure because the power can be damaging for the wood. Instead, try using a wood cleaner in order to clean away dirt, mold and mildew.


Scrubbing the surface well and spraying it with a garden hose will help clean the dirt build up. Once the deck gets dried, apply a deck sealer and stain. Apply these things only if the deck is not already sealed or stained. Pigmented sealants are the best choice as they absorb UV rays and reduce the discoloration generally seen on wood decks. By properly maintaining the deck you can enjoy it all year long. The professional painters at Repaint Pro have the expertise to inspect, repair, clean and stain your deck.


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Stephen Lockyer
Stephen Lockyer
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