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Scams are nothing new and we have been hearing about them very often during today’s tough economy. While the elderly are generally the victims, any of us who doesn’t pay close attention could be a victim of their techniques. Generally, when an offer sounds too tempting to reject it should be looked as a warning sign to look closer at what the reality is research about the commercial painters Gold Coast further.

Here are a few popular tricks that the scamming contractor can use.


  • Advance payment

Never pay for a job in advance and don’t trust home painters Gold Coast that ask you to pay full before completing the work. You can easily find a painter who won’t ask you to pay any advance and will ask for the final payment only when the job is complete.


  • One-Time” exclusive offer

Everybody knows that painters provide great discounted offers all through the year, and lately it seems they are more often than ever. So, it is a little difficult to believe that this is the “one time” that a painter has ever or will ever provide a discount. Don’t accept a deal before you research about the company well and get competing quotes and check references.


  • Any other painter

If someone claims to be a painter and claims to give you satisfactory services, be very careful. Ask them a lot of questions and ask for references too. When giving people access to your home, it is better to ensure that they are not burglars or have any poor intensions. Verify their name, company, address, contact details, license number. If you are considering working with them ensure you check their insurance details and reputation. You don’t want to get yourself in any problem by not checking the authenticity of professionals.




Common sense and good judgment provide the best protection from painter scams. If it seems too good to be true, it probably is. Take advantage of online websites, reviews and testimonials to ensure that contractor is reliable and reputed. If you find negative reviews and poor client feedback then you possibly should start looking for another home painter Gold Coast. Get quotes from more than one commercial painter Gold Coast. However, when comparing the quotes make sure you compare apples to apples and understand why prices differ.


When in doubt, contact the best and most reputed team of painters- Repaint Pro. We have been providing painting services from past over 20 years and ensure 100% customer satisfaction.

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