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Leaks in your home can be really troublesome. Have you ever found a water leak in your house? If yes, then you know it is not as easy as going over to the quickly-filling pot in the center of the living room and looking up.

Leaks are way more complicated than that. A leak that eventually runs down a living room wall can begin in the attic and make its way around rafter beams and even through drywall. Water can choose a simplest path to make various areas of your home wet, as result it is important to find a starting point so you can avoid it doing important damage to your house.

Thankfully, with a few tips, it is actually very easy to find out what is going on and choose the best possible solution. There is no need to allow the terrible weather cause water leakage in your home, just stop the leak right away and Repaint Pro’s team can take care of fixing up the roof for you. The initial step is to find out the starting point of the leak.

Plumbing problems

If your water leakage is due to a plumbing problem, it is probably due to a drain or a leaky pipe in the bathroom above the room that is showing the signs of water leak. The primary thing to see is whether the leak is due to the pipe that supplies the water, or the pipe that is responsible for draining the water. If you can see the leak is present, turn off the water supply and if there is huge amount of water, get the water out by drilling a hole in the plaster or drywall.

Exterior leaks in your siding or roof

If you notice the expansion in water damage after storms, it is probably caused due to an exterior leak. If the leak is due to an outer problem, it could be due to a hole in your siding or roof. If you see a small opening in your siding or find a shingle missing, the water leakage will be a problem only after rains. Once you are sure that the leak is from the outside, it is essential to check whether the issue was caused by a particular issue like storm or if it is an ongoing problem.

Is it an active leak?
An active leak is the one that is still allowing in water, causing more damage to your walls. It is essential to know if it is an active leak or not before you start repairing the wall surface. Repairing a wall with an active leak is like washing your car before taking it out for a ride in rain. The work done will be senseless.

Fixing the leak

If you see a leak that is creating water damage to your wall, it is time to contact a professional. Repaint Pro can assist determine the leak and fix it if it is due to the roof. We are best painters in Gold Coast and provide satisfactory services.

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