Painting your house is a cumbersome job and is time-taking. Most of us look for shortcuts to make the paint job less stressful, but doing so could be an onset of disasters. You might even end up starting from the beginning. Here are some never-to-do painting mistakes:

Painting the Walls in Single Coat

Painting is never a quick job. When painting, most of the people try to save time by applying one coat of paint. It is a mistake which one should avoid. One coat of paint on the entire painting surface isn’t enough to even out. If you are looking for a professional finish, then applying one thick coat of paint will not help you achieve it. Doing so will take even longer to dry and hence, it is a mistake you should avoid. In fact, thick coats of paint are often prone to peeling and cracking. So, better apply two even coats one after the another and let each coat dry between painting. Talk to our paint experts at painter Gold Coast who can help you achieve a professional finish for your home.

Painting on Partially Dry Paint

People often make this mistake to save time. Starting with the second coat of paint without allowing the first coat to dry leads to the unsightly finish. While doing so, you might notice unsightly brush marks on the walls. Additionally, the partially dry paint might start peeling off as you start with the next coat over it. Those peels get stuck to your brush and can cause your paint job to turn messy.

Painting over partially dry paint means your new coat of paint will find it hard to stick to your painting surface. So, to avoid all the hassle, it is better to adhere to the suggested drying time instructed on your paint can. Our paint experts at house painters Gold Coast can help you with your painting exercise if you are looking for a professional finish.

Painting Straight with the Paint in the Tin

Not having proper paint tools could be a reason for a painting disaster. One of the worst thing that happens while painting is using paint straight from the paint tin. It would make a huge mess, and apart from that, you will find it difficult to get an even quantity of paint onto your painting tool, especially when you are using a roller. Also, the lumps and impurities can get transferred onto the walls. So, the best way to avoid this mistake is to pour the paint onto a paint tray and use your brush the correct way.

Skipping Primer Before Starting to Paint

There are a few basic painting terms which you have to do before starting to paint. One of them includes using a primer. Applying a primer is the first thing you should do as it facilitates adhesion. It even helps conceal blemishes and prevents moisture from draining out of the surface. Skipping this step would cost you more in the long-term, and you might even end up using a lot more paint.

Now, you have known about the mistake to avoid while painting, all you require are the proper painting tools. Using the right painting tools will save money and time and even helps avoid unnecessary painting errors.

So, give your home a makeover with a fresh coat of paint. If you are looking for a paint expert, talk to painters Gold Coast and seek an appointment.

Stephen Lockyer
Stephen Lockyer
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