Most of us or almost everyone focuses on decorating the four walls surrounding us and forget about the fifth wall, yes the ceiling? Why should you keep your ceiling plain? It deserves the same attention and care as the other walls. A well-painted roof looks beautiful and adds the dramatic effect to your room. However, if you are still unsure about it, then look up for these inspirations which make you want to paint your ceilings right away.


Blue Glow

Love beach vibes? Then, you would love the blue painted ceilings which give you the same ambiance. Blue is a soothing color and can uplift your mood instantly reminding you of the bright sky and ocean. Why go to the beach when you can bring the feel at home instead? You can achieve it by choosing the right shade of blue that has the perfect texture. Talk to our paint experts at House Painter Gold Coast to know more.


Dark and Striking

Why have an all-white ceiling when you can paint it dark? The darker shades on your fifth wall look perfect and help you achieve such sophisticated and modern look. Try choosing the darker shades for your ceiling and balance out the brightness with lighter neutrals and furnishing. The final result would be fabulous and elegant.


Classy with Neutrals

Neutrals are the right choice if you want a simple and elegant look. It could be a tricky part as you need to pick the right shade which matches with the ambiance of the room. Neutral brown, shades of white, cream are some of the hot favorite choices for achieving the classy look for your ceiling. You can balance the look of your room by adding contrasting and bright colored furniture and upholstery.


Play with Patterns

Apart from choosing various colors, don’t shy away to pick different designs for your ceiling. Stripes, tiles, and other such designs and patterns add charm to your room. If you are looking for something unique, work on unique designs for your ceiling. Our Paint experts at Painters Gold Coast can help you achieve such looks with ease.


Starry Night on Your Ceiling

If you are looking for some unique ceiling paint design ideas, then decide galaxy themed ceiling which your kids would love for sure. It is an excellent choice for your kid’s bedroom. Talk to our paint experts at Commercial Painters Gold Coast who can help you achieve the perfect look with ease.


If you are looking for simple and elegant styles to paint your ceiling, then this would be an incredible choice.


Be creative and brainstorm ideas. Let your imagination prove how beautifully one can change the ordinary look of the ceiling. Try finding some ideas which can add the charm and glamour to your home by just painting the ceiling. Our paint experts would help you suggest with the color options available and how the look can get customized according to your preferences. Call us to seek an appointment.


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Stephen Lockyer
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