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Festival season is a wonderful season for turning your eyes indoors. This is the time of the year when all family members and friends come together and spend some quality time, enjoying the festivity and the traditions. In such instances, it is extremely important that you spend nice amount of time and efforts to give your home a facelift. Because when all your family members and friends will be collected at your home you certainly don’t want to feel embarrassed about the chipping wall paint or cracked doors.


As a result, before the festivities actually kick in, it is important that you start working on improvement and look around to see what needs to be changed and how to give your home a facelift.


  • Interior painting: Interior painting Gold Coast is one of the fun and exciting projects that you can take up during the time of festivals. Interior painting gives you an opportunity to make the spaces you love truly your own. You can either get your complete home painted or you can start small by getting an accent wall or may be painting a section where you will be spending most of the time with your loved ones during your holiday break. If you are worried about the mess, ask interior painters Gold Coast to do the job for you. They ensure that all the mess created during painting work is cleaned before they leave your place.
  • Refinish your doors: Do you see smudges, marks and dings on your doors? Exterior door count as high-traffic area in your home, being slammed, pushed and may be even occasionally banged. By staining or painting your exterior door, you can make a significant difference. You can also hire Exterior House Painting Services for the same.
  • Install a backsplash: This is a pocket friendly way to make a significant aesthetic change in your kitchen. And, with so many choices available today, you can create a perfect look. You can easily find many interesting and trendy kitchen backsplash designs online.
  • Organizations: In many homes there are some closets that people are scared to even touch. If you also have any such closet, then consider investing in new bigger one or opt for a smaller one to accommodate stuff of one closet in two and organize things in a better and systematic way.
  • Have fun with lighting: Do you have a dark room, or do you want to make your home more illuminated for the festival season? Why not add a few light bulbs? Track lighting in an effective way to strategically light up a space.


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Stephen Lockyer
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