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In many cases, redecorating is not about introducing a new style or changing according to the latest trend as much as it is about recovering from previous mistakes and promising not to repeat them. Possibly your taste just changed or the decorating mistake were already present when you moved into the new home. No matter, how and why it happened, if your walls are shouting for help, there are methods to recover from dated décor, and here we are listing a few of them.


  • Worn out wallpaper

Old worn-out wallpaper with shimmery background with small sunflowers, or with animal print on it, whatever wallpaper sample seems great in the sample book year ago now seems old-fashioned and dull on your walls. The best way to recover from a wallpaper mistake is to remove it. Painting over it seems simpler, but it can be risky because wet paint can cause wallpaper to bubble and peel.


Thankfully, there are many ways to remove wallpaper. Each involves lot of hard work and efforts, but all the work pays off as clean, fresh walls. How complicated the process can be generally depends on the number of layers of paper and how properly it was fixed. The primary choice is to use scouring tool to create small holes in the paper before removing it. The second choice is to use a steamer to heal and dampen the paper; this will make the adhesive lose.


  • Dated wood paneling

Wood paneling eventually loses its charm, especially if you don’t give it any maintenance or care. If you are considering replacing your dark wood paneling with a more modern design, the best method is to remove it. To safely remove paneling from your walls, you must first remove any molding and then with the help of pry bar you can get rid of the paneling. As the paneling gets lose, you can move forward and remove nails to make your wall clear of all the stuff.


  • Heavy texturing

According to many real estate agents, heavy texture particularly the not so popular “popcorn” ceiling, ranks on top in the list of outdated home decors as turnoffs for potential homebuyers. If your ceiling texture or heavy wall is bothering you, it is possible to get rid of it. However, if your home was constructed before the 80s, you must go ahead carefully because ceiling texture material may contain asbestos. The EPA (Environmental Protection Agency) provides a guide for testing for and dealing with asbestos. The method to remove ceiling texture is very simple, but slightly messy.


For any of the above mentioned issues you can contact Interior House Painters Gold Coast and get everything from wallpaper to paneling to texturing removed as well as get your home painted with captivating colors.

Stephen Lockyer
Stephen Lockyer
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