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If you have visited the local paint store lately, you may have noticed that there are more option than even before. From great sheen to long-lasting and ecofriendly, every paint company has a lot to offer you. While you are confused between paint colors and finishes, it is wise to also consider how ecofriendly you want your home paint to be.


There is fix standard for what makes a gallon of paint ecofriendly and many brands and companies disagree about things like chemical tinting and fungicides. We understand that it can be little confusing, so here is what you need to know about using ecofriendly paint in your Gold Coast office or home.


VOCs or Volatile Organic Compounds have been in lot of news lately and for bad reasons. VOCs are chemicals that evaporate for approx. a month after you apply your paint. These chemicals not only affect the air quality of the interior of your home, but they can also be hazardous outdoor pollutants when they make their way outside.


What you can do?

Use latex paint, which generally has a lot lower VOC content. When choosing your paint, take VOC content into consideration. What level are you comfortable using it when it comes to your home or office? Low VOC or no VOC?


Pigments and fungicides: These preservatives and additives assist create your paint colors, preserve shelf life and prevent mold. But, eco experts have some questions about their long term effects, especially when used by professional Commercial House Painter in Gold Coast.


If you are concerned about this, choose a brand that doesn’t contain any fungicides and biocides and uses all natural pigments for tinting.

Another thing you can do is dispose the paint properly. This will help decrease the environmental effect of your paint. Improper disposal can seep into the groundwater, so avoid dumping your paint outside or down the drain.


Check the disposal regulations for your state and never throw away oil based paints or stains as they are considered harmful waste.


If you are considering to refresh your home with new paint colors but want to make an environment friendly choice. We would love to provide you free no-obligatory quote. Our professional commercial painters Gold Coast will discuss with you about your new paint job and all the eco-friendly options present.

Stephen Lockyer
Stephen Lockyer
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