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6 Walls Patterns You Can Paint Easily

Painting the walls is one of the simplest ways to renew your living space. A coat of paint can transform the ambiance of the room to a great extent. We often see plain walls coated with classic colors since they are easy to achieve. But, there are other simple ways

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8 Things You Need To Know Before You Begin Painting

Clueless about what to do before you begin painting? In fact, painting is a doable job, but the results that emerge from an efficient job can be undesirable. Most of us hire paint experts for the same reason and if you are looking for a professional to do your painting

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The Relevance Of Paint Surface Preparation

Proper surface preparation is the key to a long-lasting paint job for a residential or commercial property. In fact, this is true regardless of the type of paint or coatings used. Although there are important aspects of applying paint such as film thickness, proper temperature, as well as dry time,

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Tips To Secure The Best Painting Deal

Every decade or so, most of the homes need a new coat of paint. Painting your home shields it from multiple elements and keeps it looking good. Doing it yourself takes a lot of time. Also, you need a lot of equipment such as tall ladders to reach the second

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Some Brilliant Color Choices For Your Interior House Painting

We often hear that one of the easiest ways to change the appearance of your home is to paint it. While this is true, knowing what colors to paint your interiors, or perhaps deciding the color paint for a particular room is rarely as easy as it sounds. Just look

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How To Know A Quality Paint

For most of us, a good quality paint is that which covers well, goes on smoothly, and lasts longer. While everything looks the same in the can, finding a good quality paint can be difficult. Both the reputation and price are good indicators of quality. In fact, a good quality

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How To Tell If You Are Hiring A Good Painting Service

It might be a bit difficult to tell whether the painter is qualified or not just by looking at them. One needs more than visual judgment. If one lacks hiring experience, he or she might end up regretting the whole incidence. There are certain things to focus on as they

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General Mistakes We Make When Hiring Painters

Hiring appropriate professional painters is something worthy of note, yet the most back-breaking exercise. Without careful considerations put in place, you may end up hopping from one painting firm to another in search of someone who would give you perfect upshots-this is a waste of time! The best way to

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Home Painting Ideas For The Newlyweds

Once you get married, you have to take full responsibility for everything you do. For instance, you have to make weighty decisions such as the choice of décor for your home. This may be quite challenging in this rookie position since you have no prior experience. Whichever the challenge that


Check Out These 6 Secrets Of Professional Painters

Painting is one of the paramount and imposing professions that require skills and expertise. The process may look easier but it is complicated for rookies. Each of our Painter Gold Coast has qualified skills and high level of experience. In most cases, one has to start from a newbie and

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Common Paint Problems And Solutions

Things do not always go right while painting. There are times when painters and clients experience certain challenges that may hinder their work progress and even end up terminating the entire project. These challenges may be experienced before, during or after painting. The need to understand them will help you


Disadvantages Of Painting In Extreme Heat And Cold

Painting is a profession that requires a blend of skills, talent, and long-term experience. There are some places where temperatures may be unfavorable. Similarly, most places have biannual climate meaning; they experience both winter and summer. These seasons are characterized by extremes of temperatures, a factor that may hinder effective

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Top Tips For Estimating A Painting Job Like A Pro

If you want to conduct successful painting, it is of the essence to master appropriate techniques on how to estimate the price. Various contractors quote different prices for their services based on the quality they give. The overall estimate of the price depends on a number of factors such as

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Checklist For Hiring A Painting Contractor

Painting is an exercise that goes on all around the year. Most people carry out upfront explorations on this subject but still, there is not enough information online. At Painters Gold Coast, we take the responsibility of guiding our clients on appropriate painting techniques. We go a notch higher and

Get Rid of Paint Smell Gold Coast

How to Get Rid of Paint Smells

One of the most old-fashioned ways to make your house come alive is to paint it with the right colors and design. While painting your house could enhance its beauty, the pungent odors of paints after you are done with the exercise is one thing you will have to deal


How Beach Conditions Affect Your Paint

Living close to the beach is one of the best deals you can get as far having where to stay is concerned. From its relaxed environment to its breezy nature, beach homes are a comfortable choice for anyone. But then, there is always something dark about every place. A price

The Best Painting Contractor in Gold Coast

How To Select The Best Painting Contractor

You probably have a property that you are about to put out for sale, but you want to increase the value of that property by having it painted. Or maybe you have a need to make the interior and the exterior surfaces of your house look more beautiful. But the

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Hottest Interior Paint Colors of 2018

Are you looking for some hottest interior paint for your house? We Painters Gold Coast are painting expert and will introduce some hottest interior paint that you can consider. Paints are the core element of your home that represents your personality and lifestyle. Here we are listing five hottest interior

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Dark Paint Trending In Interior Design

Having the dark interior for house is the best way to boost the appearance of your interior space. If you’re planning to opt dark paint interior design, being an expert we, at Painters Gold Coast, are sharing some key tips that you must consider if you’re choosing dark interior for


Four Fun Decorative Painting Techniques

It is possible for you to apply a single color of paint to your walls and you will still have a beautiful bedroom. However, what if you want more? What if you desire a little sophistication regarding having designs on your walls? If you fit the description above, then you

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Four Painting Shortcuts That Will Cost You Long-term

You have a big painting task to accomplish, and it appears as if you are running out of time because of other engagements. You want to be quick with the execution of the job so you can move on to other things, for obvious reasons. For this reason, you have

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Best-Kept Secrets Of Professional Painters

Most of us can do pretty well with painting jobs, but we miss the professional touch at some stages. So, We at Painters Gold Coast are sharing some best-kept secrets that experts will never share with you. Have a look. #1 Start With A Perfect Smooth Surface If you want

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How to Evaluate Painting Proposals

Sometimes it can be a tricky task trying to single out the best painting proposal from a pack of many. You need to ensure the right pick when going through a host of proposals otherwise all your effort would amount to a complete waste of time. It is possible you


How to Paint a Ceiling – Tips & Best Practices

The ceiling is an integral part of any room. If you desire to paint a room very well, the ceiling is not going to receive any lesser attention. Unfortunately, a lot of persons still don’t get this. They think you can apply paints to your brush or roller and paint

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Your Guide To Painting The Ultimate Eco-friendly Home

Invest in an eco-friendly home is something that we are all hearing of more and more from a wide variety of sources. You do not always need heavy investing such as solar panels to make your home eco-friendly. A perfect example is in painting your home in an eco-friendly fashion.


Paint Colors to Create A Healthy Home

When a lot of people think about home décor, they only think of the aesthetic value. They do not give a thought to the fact that the colors you use can actually have a very big impact on your emotional wellbeing. If you are one of those that knows that


Mixing & Matching – Unconventional Paint Color Ideas

If you were to survey homeowners in your area as to what colors they would go with for their walls, chances are that a majority will opt for neutral colors. The simple reason is that they are scared a stunning color may look really great to some and really awful

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How To Paint Your Own Galactic Ceiling At Home

Dreaming of what lies above and beyond our night sky is something that man has done for centuries. Galactic ceiling murals used to be previously a luxury confined to hotels and high end restaurants. Nowadays however, they can be found in more and more homes including yours. Below are the

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Professional Painting Tips – How To Paint Like The Pros

Give a professional painter and an amateur painter separate paint brushes and assign them different areas to paint. You can tell the difference right away. The pro is always going to do it better than the amateur. Ordinarily, as an amateur, if you take a look at how a pro

Oil Painting Gold Coast

Oil Painting Tips- How You Can Do It Better

Oil painting is indeed not for everybody. It is very different from the usual latex paints. It requires some additional painting skills for successful execution. But does it mean you need to do some extra-ordinary or magical things before you can do it well? The answer is indeed NO. There