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Fall is the season when the days are still pleasing to take a nice look at the exterior of your home. Before winters in Gold Coast, it is beneficial to check the exterior trim to make sure that everything is in nice condition.


Dried or cracking paint, bubbling or peeling paint, small rips or holes in screen and clogged drainage system generally leads to serious problems, reducing the energy efficiency of your home and leading to huge repair cost. And we are sure you don’t want that such type of surprises.


Home maintenance should be a constant effort, and even having a simple seasonal checklist can prove helpful, allowing you to resolve issues before they become huge.


Start from the roof

As you survey the exterior of your home, start by checking the roof first. If there are gutters, check if there are paint problems in any area or you see signs of mold. Write any issues caused by overhanging tress limbs. Check ducts, vents and penetrations for sealing and caulking. Gaps can bring cold air in your home; bigger holes can bring pests inside your home.


Take second look around the exterior of your office, and pay special attention to the trim around the doors and windows. You are second time checking for the obvious signs of old materials, peeling, cracks, small holes, mold growth and discoloration that needs maintenance and repair.


Regular check-ups

Check weatherstripping and caulk at all the windows and doors, both inside and outside. Also check the sills and trim and check the condition of the stain, paint or sealer. If you can feel a draft you should replace it. Small air leaks can fast add up to dollars spent on heating bills and you can easily detect the issues.


Taking care of problems

If you see any paint related issues, you have a number of choices. If you are interested in a DIY project, then collect all the materials and tools you will need for the work and choose a free day to complete the job. Ensure to check the weather forecast for the day, so you can work without any inconvenience or interruption.

If there are major issues that need your attention, then give our roof restoration Gold Company a call. We can take care of your roof well and ensure you spend your winters comfortably.


Fall is upon us

With fall already here, it is time to winterize your home now. Don’t wait until the last moment, when it is either too late or too cold to take care of the issue comfortably.


For more details about roof restoration Gold Coast, feel free to contact us.

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