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At Repaint Pro, we know there is nothing more annoying when doing a DIY redecorating or remodel than trying to live with poorly finished paint job. In fact, it is not actually all that rare for a Gold Coast resident to call our team of home painters to fix a painting mistake they made themselves. Common mistakes, like immediately applying a second coat of paint, or not taking the time to choose the right paint brush or roller for the paint work are small errors but they are clearly visible on your walls. To avoid common painting mistakes, keep the below mentioned tips in mind to achieve great painting results in your home.


Here are some of the most common painting mistakes people of Gold Coast make when painting. Also, we are giving you some tips to prevent them.


    • Using the wrong tools: In case of painting, there is no ‘one size fits all’ theory. For latex based painting work, buy synthetic polyester or nylon-blended brushes. When it comes to oil-based paint compounds, then synthetic bristles don’t react well to it and fall out, usually all over your wall. In some cases roller is best while in some cases, paintbrush is the most effective. As there are many different types of paintbrushes and rollers, invest in the best painting tools depending on the type of paint you will be using to paint the surface.
    • Applying thick or many coats of paint: In case of painting less is more. While applying one very thick coat of paint and thinking your painting job is done seems very easy, but soon you will end up with a messy surface filled with gloppy drips. Apply the paint evenly by removing the excess. Roll in a huge “W” shape across the wall to cover a huge area. Follow up by this primary layer with overlapping vertical strokes to coat the wall evenly.
    • Applying latex paint over oil-based paint: It may seem like a quick choice, but if you apply latex paint on an oil-based formula, you will soon facing problems like peeling and cracking paint. The best way to avoid any such issue is to give proper time in preparation work. Sand down oil-painted walls before trying to apply a new coat of a latex-based paint.
    • Painting the ceiling last: Generally, people are so excited about trying new wall paint color on their walls that they forget that painting job is always started from the ceiling. If you have plans of painting both the ceiling and walls, it is essential to start painting the ceiling first. Or, paint dripping from the ceiling may drip and spoil your freshly painted walls.


If you have done a disaster in your DIY painting job or want to avoid any such mistake or mess, contact Repaint Pro. We are reputed commercial and residential painters in Gold Coast.

Stephen Lockyer
Stephen Lockyer
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