Decorating your home is such a sweet delight, and you want everything to be just perfect. It is your home, and you want it to look just so beautiful. Other than the decor, one of the significant thing that can make or break the look of your home is the color scheme. Whether it’s a movie inspired theme or a DIY, you want your home to look perfect with the best color patterns. In fact, nobody likes the ambiance of the room painted with clashing colors that are a pain to the eyes. So, here we have listed five color pairing which can’t go wrong and can make you fall in love with your home.


Apple White and Brown Accents

It is a classic combination which you can’t get bored. The shade of apple white looks classy, subtle, and elegant. It goes well with the perfect minimalist furniture and decor in classic brown. Both the colors bring out the beauty of each other and make your home look beautiful and elegant. Our Paint experts at Painters Gold Coast can help you with this look, and you would love it for sure.


Light Blue and Taupe

Want to try something fancy? Then taupe could be the obvious choice. It creates the look you have desired and creates an illusion of heavy fabrics, while the lighter shades of the blue will add a touch of elegance. Together, both the colors complement each other and create a relaxing effect on the eyes.


Teal and Mustard Yellow

Want to make your house stand out? Looking for popping colors having neutral tones? Then, go for the combination of mustard yellow and teal. Either you paint the walls with teal and have mustard yellow accents or mustard yellow walls with teal accents, the quirky shades of this color scheme can make your home look interesting. Our Paint specialists at House Painters Gold Coast can help you pick the perfect shades of this color scheme and can get your paint job done with ease.


Emerald Green with Wooden Accents

This color scheme is something which would surprise you for sure. If you are looking for a modern yet sophisticated look, then pair emerald green with wooden accents. It brings out a tropical resort atmosphere, and you can beautify this look by adding more potted plants.


Pastel Shades

Pastel shades are the default color schemes and add a touch of feminity. It is an excellent choice to paint a baby room as it evokes a sense of comfort. The common pastel shade colors include baby pink, baby blue, purple. Add a touch of grey tones to add subtle contrast to the room. Talk to our paint experts at Painter Gold Coast to know more.

If you are not sure about the color schemes, you can talk to our paint experts. We can help you achieve the best possible look you have been waiting. Sign up with us and rest is assured.

Stephen Lockyer
Stephen Lockyer
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