You have moved into your new home and are excited to show your friends how good your home looks after decorating it and coating with fresh paint. However, if they notice the color to be lighter than what you claim, it would be quite an embarrassing situation, and you end up laughing all together. Yes, your paint started to faint, and you might feel sad looking at your paint job. Don’t worry. We have listed three ways to prevent the same from happening again.


It Could Be the Colors You Choose


Painted walls and sunlight do not go well commonly. It could be a reason why your paint fades out. Regular sunlight can lead to photodegradation and the chemical bonds in the paint start breaking down by the UV rays. However, not all the colors react in the same way. Dark colors absorb heat from the sunlight, and hence, suffer from moisture problems.


Lighter tones last longer and fade less when compared to the darker tones. So, in areas where sunlight is more, pick lighter shades, and darker shades for places with less sunlight. However, this doesn’t mean you have to restrict your choice while painting interiors. Instead, you can try different shades of your favorite color for contrast to emphasize the corners.


For instance, you can use the darker shade of pink in the edges and the middle, contrasted with lighter pink hues near the windows and outer edges. Our Paint experts at House Painters Gold Coast can help you with your painting exercise. We help you choose the perfect color which is the best for your home after looking into all the factors which are responsible for fading out faster.


It Depends on the Painting Surface

Some of the paints only suit specific materials. Interior and exterior paint varieties vary for different parts of the house depending on their quality. Choosing an incorrect one for the unsuitable material could be a reason for the paint to fade faster.

For instance, acrylic and latex paints are long-lasting and dry fast. Hence, they suit well for the house exteriors. So, better look out for the paint catalogue which can show you the recommended shades for painting your interiors and exteriors.


Our paint experts at Painters Gold Coast are highly skilled and have hands-on experience when it is about choosing the best paint which suits the particular surface. We help you pick the right shade for both exteriors and interiors that best suits your home looking into all the possible factors.


It Could Be the Paint You Choose

Top quality paints last longer even when exposed to specific elements. They adhere to the surface and are resistant to chalking as well. Apart from fading, you also look out for top quality paint that dries fast, doesn’t crack, and is adaptable to severe weather conditions.


Choosing the top quality paint means your house looks beautiful and you are in all praises for the interiors and exteriors as well.


If you are looking for a paint professional who can do your paint job with perfection, then consult Painter Gold Coast. Sign up with us, and we assure you with the best.

Stephen Lockyer
Stephen Lockyer
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