Painting a wall seems to be a very easy task, but in reality you need to know the basics of painting. What are the most common blunders that we all make to ruin the painting projects? Let’s explore and learn how House Painters Gold Coast share these little instructions and we can create lasting results.


Proper Estimation

Many owners always are eager to start the painting of their house without any proper estimation, it is totally wrong for you to do so. It could be likened to jumping into a car without checking out if all the necessary parts are functioning well. This is a sure recipe for disaster.


So if you want to avoid this, make sure you take your time and have a look at the cost of the paints you will be using. The number of rooms you intend to paint and the number of days the work is going to last. When you get these things sorted out then your painting project will most likely be a complete success. You can also go for Painter Gold Coast for their professional advice.


Avoid Low-Quality Paints

This point is quite easy to understand because lot of us can easily relate to it. You may be tempted to pick low cost colors and roller simply because you want to save some cash. But in the world of painting decisions like these will come back to haunt you.


You need to completely avoid low-quality products because they are difficult to apply, do not stand the test of time, or protect your homes against extreme weather conditions. You can never achieve the desired results. So investing on low-quality products is like penny wise pounds foolish. Ask Commercial Painters Gold Coast for the best in the world of painting.


Not Being Prepared

There is a common saying – those who fail to plan have only succeeded in planning to fail. You don’t just start painting right away even if you have done the other things mentioned above. The surface of the wall you are about to paint must be prepared. Scrub the surface to get rid of dust, debris and other unwanted particle. Use pressure to clean the surface if necessary, check for damages like holes and cracks, apply fillers to the holes and cracks and prime the surface after applying sand.


Considering the Weather

If you are doing outdoor painting, make sure weather conditions are favorable. High humidity levels will slow down the drying process. Always go through the weather forecast before you start the assignment, especially important for exterior painting.


To conclude, these are 4 common blunders but you can definitely avoid them and have desired results. A skillful painter like House Painters Gold Coast can relief you from the painting disasters as they are professionals in the field.


Stephen Lockyer
Stephen Lockyer
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