Commercial Painting Services

No matter if you run a manufacturing company or have a department store or café, you need to keep your building well-maintained and nice to not just attract more customers but to keep your employees productive. Here are a few points that you must keep in mind when considering hiring best painters in Gold Coast for commercial painting.

  • Cornice painting

Cornice painting is a part of commercial painting that is usually neglected. As they are placed at heights, they are usually forgotten. But, they are clearly visible when looked from the other side of the road. Therefore, restoring and painting the cornices will assist your office preserve a nice look.

  • Commercial signs

As the name of your brand is on your store sign, your business will look bad if the sign is dull, or unclear. Say, a letter is missing, lights are not properly lit or paint is missing. Don’t hesitate in investing in your store sign and logo because the image and reputation of your business depends on it.

  • Painting and restoring the façade

Doesn’t matter if your exterior siding is made of wood, vinyl, aluminum, concrete, or bricks, it is essential to take care of it. It is now possible to paint almost any surface, you can easily find products to dye your bricks, varnish the wood and to paint anything including plastic. Also, consider getting anti-corrosion treatment for your lintels and wrought iron stairs. Get your antique doors restored and metal door painted. Your business will certainly look better that way.

  • Interior painting

Best painters in Gold Coast recommend the businesses to refresh their interior paint each 5 years so that you follow the color trends. This will give a new look to your commercial space and the clients will want to go in. you can take advice from your commercial painter about the choice of colors.

  • Ceiling paint

Don’t ignore the ceiling of your commercial space. Ensure you fill in all the holes and cracks with plaster and add a coat of sealant before you apply fresh coat of paint. This will help you avoid leaking problems. Most widely used color for the ceiling is white, but some café owners like to get the ceilings painted artistically. It is up to you that what you want.

  • Window cleaning

Certainly, dirty windows will keep the clients away, so get the windows painted and keep them clean for a well maintained look.

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Stephen Lockyer
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