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Signs your roof needs new coat of paint

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Signs your roof needs new coat of paint

It is a popular fact that you are required to paint the walls of your home or office more often as compared to the ceilings. In general best painters in Gold Coast suggest to get your ceilings painted every 10 to 15 years, but it is also recommended to get them painted more regularly. Here are 3 particular signs that indicate that your ceiling needs new coast of paint.


One really important reason that make people to paint their ceiling is definitely the need to cover up the stains without cleaning the surface. Best painters in Gold Coast say that it is possible to paint over the stains, be it on the ceiling or the wall, but there are a few exceptional cases, like grease and mold. In these cases, the cleaning step is essential so that the dirt won’t reappear through the freshly applied coat of paint. Like if we talk about tobacco stains, then you need to apply 2 coats of paint without any cleaning required beforehand.

Cracks and holes

If there are cracks or holes on your ceiling, it is essential to first give proper time to patch those cracks with plaster, sand it to get a nice and smooth surface. Later seal the new plaster with a paint primer, this will help you ensure that the plaster won’t fall out and the coat of paint will stick a lot better on the surface. Additionally, the sealant will make your ceiling waterproof help you prevent any further damage due to water.

Makeover or new look and feel

Another reason why people get their ceilings painted is to give their room or home a new look and feel. You can ask professional for suggestions and recommendations. They can give you interesting ideas to give your home a new beautiful look without breaking your bank. There are a number of techniques like optical effect that help you give your home a desired look.
Now when it comes to hiring best painters in Gold Coast, it is essential that you take proper to find a leading and reputed painter, because not all painters are same and their services differ in a number of ways including the expertise, skills, finish as well as budget. So, compare a few painters and hire the best.

Repaint Pro is a trusted name and we have been providing painting services in Gold Coast and surrounding areas from past several years.

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