Do you wish to brighten up that one room in your home that no one likes? The one with the dark painted walls that looks so small? Dark paint may be difficult to cover, but that doesn’t mean you have to live with it. Turning a dark room to light one is an effective way to completely revitalize it and creating more opportunities. What could it do for you? Here is a little more information from your residential painting Gold Coast company, Repaint Pro.

The impact of color
Every room in your home has a particular purpose, and the purpose decides the desired mood. You want to be focused in your study, energetic in the kitchen and relaxed in the living room. The color of a room can have a huge effect on this. For example, colors like green, red or yellow are perfect for kitchen as they give a welcoming, warm atmosphere, while also inspire you to cook and host. In this way, a room with very dark colors could be perceived as isolating and uninviting. One simple way to change that is with a lighter coat of paint. It can easily uplift the mood of a room quickly. Also, rooms with dark colored ceilings could be made to look bigger almost “immediately” with a lighter color. It can easily convert a room that one uses to a corner that everyone loves.

How to do it?
This is where things can get complicated, as the general idea is to just apply layers and layers of the lighter paint in order to cover the darker hues. Questions involved:

Which type of primer is the best?

How much paint will be required to cover the old color?

Which color would best enhance the appeal of my room?

What to do if there are stencils or holes in the walls?

The answers to all these questions are important for making the work go smoothly. So, it is best to consult professional painters Gold Coast. They will take a look at your room and quickly tell you what the best approach would be. This will let you go over different colors and ideas to see which one will give you the results you want. After that, they will skillfully and quickly paint your room. This will save you the uncertainty and hassle of doing it on your own.

For free painting quote, feel free to get in contact with Repaint Pro.

Stephen Lockyer
Stephen Lockyer
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