Your bedroom should be a haven. It is where you relax when you need to unplug from the worried of the world. It should be a cozy environment, well-decorated for restful sleep and peace. Several factors go into making a welcoming space you look forward to entering, but one of the biggest factors is the colors of your ceiling and walls. Here we will discuss how colors influence your mood in your bedroom, and how to choose the best paint color for the perfect bedroom mood.


Neutrals are always an effective color choice for your ceilings and walls-especially in your bedroom. Relaxing and calming, they are soft and your mind can rest. If you are worried that neutral colors might look boring, remember that you can spice up your room with a style of furniture pieces, wall arts and linens. Think of neutrals as a safe canvas that allows you to create whatever you wish.


Cool colors

Cool colors will assist you to create a relaxing and calm environment in your bedroom. Look for the shades from blue violet through blue green. Grays work effective too. Remember that you will find a lot of variety in this spectrum. Choose soft colors that make you feel at ease.



Pastels when chosen perfectly can look very soothing and grown-up. You can dark wood furniture and bright accessories to prevent the pastels from looking childish. Go for, soft greens, soft blues, lavenders and pinks.


Specific colors and their effects

A British sleep study analyzed colors of rooms and their effects on sleep and mood. The study found that blue rooms are the most helpful to sleep, with some shades of yellow getting to the second place. Green and silver were third and fourth in the list. People got the least amount of sleep in gray, brown and purple rooms.


Simple paint tips for choosing bedroom paint colors

Consider the overall effect you want to create. Do you want a romantic look or calm and relaxed look or something more cozy and interesting? Then start looking for ideas online or in home magazines. Take those pictures to paint store to find the same color.


Test it out, using the finish you plan of using, paint a few test areas of your home and check how they look at different times of the day.

Consider the surroundings. How does you furniture look like? How will it look with cool colors? With warm colors? Your paint choice will either improve or reduce some effects, so consider your surroundings when creating the mood.


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