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We humans easily get bored and tired of something, whether it is a dress that we bought paying a huge amount or a song that we once played on loop or our flat, one-dimensional walls. Flat walls can look boring, but thankfully with texture paint one can easily add new dimension and feel to his home or surroundings.


Texture paint is a nice way to make your home look interesting. However, it is important to know that what you are going for before you make any important decision. Here we are listing top texture styles. Once you have decided to add a textured flair to your walls, contact Repaint Pro, your painter Gold Coast, to get the job done right, the very first time. Our team provides free quotes and we have experience of texture painting.


Your options in paint textures

When it comes to textured paint, there are numerous options. Textures in paint range from very coarse to very fine, and the one that is right for your home will depend on the look you want as well as the space you are painting. Generally, paint with a smooth texture is lighter and provides a subtle effect. Coarser, heavier textures like knockdown and popcorn- provides a noticeable and dramatic look. Popcorn textures are not really popular anymore and you usually find these textures on ceilings. Sand texture can be used on ceilings or walls for a denser, grittier look.


And applying a faux finish is another effective way to add a very personal touch to your home. Here are the top few ways to add a personalized finish to your walls.


Smooshing for a marble effect

Do you want your walls to look elegant, like marble? Try smooshing. Once you have applied the final glaze coat, place a special plastic sheet on top of the wall while the paint is still wet. Then take the sheet off before it dries- it will look as if your walls are made out of marble.


Rag rolling is simple

Another simple way to make your walls look a little different than the standard is to texture using rag rolling. Dip a rag into an accent color and roll the rag over the wall. Different types of rags, from burlap to cheesecloth and t-shirts, will all create a unique effect.


Create interest with sponging

Sponging is a popular technique to add textures to your paint. After you have applied the paint, run a sponge over the paint until you have the look you wanted. The nice thing about texturing is that it is completely up to you, so you can sponge the wall as little or a much as you want.


Add dimension with combing

Running a comb over a wet paint will add a little depth to your otherwise flat wall. You can choose the pattern according to your interest, like circles, waves, lines, checkerboard and zig zags.


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