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When we talk about real estate marketplace, summer is the ideal time for selling and buying properties. So, there are chances that when you go for your evening walk through your Gold Coast neighborhood, you may see a few ‘For Sale’ signs. Or, probably you have been spending this spring anxiously preparing your home to put up for sale.


We understand that buying and selling your home is a lot of work and the idea of preparing your home is itself a stressful task. Usually, in order to get highest price people prepare a huge list of to-do things, but it won’t be of any sense if you end up spending as much money as you seek to get back through selling your home. But, we can help you cross things off in a short order to make the whole process a lot comfortable and trouble free.

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Here are some of the tips from our highly experienced team of painters to assist you get your home market ready.


  • Do a walk through


Don’t just blindly decide that what needs to be changed and what should be revamped. It is important that you take a look closely on every nook and corner of your house and then decide what all needs to be redone. Also, you can try consulting your realtor. They have clear idea that what buyers are looking for in your area and are a lot more trustworthy when it comes to interior design ideas as compared to what you read online.


  • Touch ups, improve the look


One of simplest things you can do as you while preparing your home for sale is to touch up any damages or scuffs to the wall paint or trim. You can also get the exterior of your home power washed or give the front door a new bright look. Team of Repaint Pro would be happy to assist you in these quick fixes.


  • Choose neutral paint colors


Neutral paint help sell home faster, as they allow people to visualize themselves in the home. A properly chosen color scheme will make your home look bigger and more spacious. Also, it will give your home a modern, well-kept vibe that buyers look for in a home.


Worry not, you probably don’t have to repaint your complete home in Gold Coast. Focus your time and efforts into the most used spaces in your home like wall paint in living room and kitchen. You can also try covering any paint colors that may be too bright or unique for a buyer.Do a walk through


  • Renovate your kitchen


It is a well known fact that kitchens sell homes, but only a few sellers are ready to invest in a new kitchen just before selling the home. The best solution to this is that you should try repairing the kitchen to give it a face lift. Some of the popular options include: paint the kitchen cabinets given they are in nice shape. Replace your old hardware with new, modern looking hardware. Then, clean the counters of all the grease and oil. If walls are also dirty and sticky go for paint and you are ready to sell.


In simple words, you don’t have to completely remodel your home when setting it up for resale. Our team of painters is here to assist with all your painting requirements. So, give us a call now.


Stephen Lockyer
Stephen Lockyer
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