Homeowners feel happy when they are able to do things for their homes. Just because you can do landscaping with the help of a friend who is good at it, this doesn’t imply that you can do all the tasks on your own. There are some jobs where it is best to use a licensed team of professionals. Home painting is one such job.


In residential painting, professionals make the difference. Here we will discuss where and how.


EPA compliance


If you live in a historic or old home, there are some hidden challenges experts are experienced and trained to handle. In case of older homes, an EPA Lead Safe Certified Job is very important because many older paint jobs used obsolete lead paints that can be very dangerous for kids. Uniquely qualified professionals can make sure the new paint job doesn’t increase the hazard and take all the measures to safely remove the problem and give you peace of mind to live peacefully in your old historic home.


Surface preparation


Preparation is an important task when it comes to painting. You can’t just apply a coat of paint on your uneven walls. Proper wall surface preparation can include removing wallpaper, refinishing the plaster, sanding, spackling, resanding drywall and definitely priming a surface before painting. Repaint Pro knows complete procedure and will make the surface ready to ensure great and enduring results. This is an important secret of a successful job- the time spent preparing the wall surface is what makes the bright, smooth finish in the end.


Knowledge and experience of proper paint job


Last but not the least, we love to discus painting styles and colors with you and are excited to make the changes you want, interior or exterior. We only use highest quality paints that are made to withstand the huge temperature changes. We know which paints are apt for vinyl siding, so you can rest assured about the looks and aesthetic of your home.


Our clients are well aware of the differences between a Do-It-Yourself job and the type of services we provide. When you will consider not only the time you will save initially, but the time and money you will save going forward due to maintenance and repair, you will see that to make your home the way you want, established, reliable and reputed residential painting company Gold Coast like Repaint Pro is your best bet.


Stephen Lockyer
Stephen Lockyer
Professional painters and Decorators on the Gold Coast. Serving all your interior and exterior painting needs.

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