House Painting Tips

Painting the house can be fun if done in a right manner. Many commercial painters suggest getting the house painted once in 5 years to maintain the look on the outer walls. There are few steps that you need to follow to get the perfect finish from the coats. Always remember to use good quality paint and brush. If you find it hard to paint the house by yourself, then it is always a better idea to call in the professionals to do the job for you. Here in this article, we are going to discuss the ways of painting.

  1. Paint In Full Height and Avoid Lap Marks
    Lap marks are the stripes that are between the earlier and the next coat. If you are not quick with the next stroke of brush, then the earlier stroke will become partially dry and this will cause a lap mark. Latex paint can start to become thick in less than a minute and you have to be quick between the strokes of brush. To avoid lap marks, make sure that the coat is overlapping the previous one and never start with the edge. If there is a thick spot of paint, then use the roller to spread it evenly before applying the next coat. The open side of the roller frame must face the area that has been painted already. This puts less overall pressure on the roller and gives you even coats.
  2. Mix The Paint Right
    Make sure that you are mixing the paint in a right manner. Use a large bucket to mix the paint from different containers. If you are painting a large area, then you will need more than one container of paint. If you are going to switch the container in the middle of the painting process, then it might give a slight difference in the shade of the paint. To eliminate this problem, it is always better to mix it in 5 gallon bucket. The process is called as boxing. When you can’t calculate that how much paint will be needed to coat the surface entirely, then it is always better to take more paint than required. Use buckets with roller to move them freely in the room. Make sure that you are getting rid of the excess paint in the roller before applying it on the wall, to stop it from dripping to the floor.
  3. Paint the ceiling then walls
    Always start with the ceiling when you paint and then paint the walls. Paint the trim of the ceiling first and then start to coat the sides and the centre of it. While painting, always concentrate on getting the smooth finish with each coat. Make sure that as you approach the corners, you are using a narrow brush to finish off the coat in a right manner. Paint one trim at a time and always divide the work. There should be at least 24 hours gap between the coats so that the paint dries up completely.
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