When it comes to painting the home in your favourite shade, then you have loads of varieties of paints to choose from. Paints come in several sheen choices and you can choose them in oil base or latex option. Latex paints are the most preferred choice when it comes to the painting as they offer good coverage and are long lasting. They are also resistant to fading and can be cleaning on regular basis. If you are planning to get the paint for the exterior as well as interior walls, then it is highly recommended that you should go for the latex paints. You can use the oil based paints on wooden mouldings. Oil paints help to seal the surface of the wood, protecting them from stains. Although, the oil paint would take a lot more time to dry up as compare to the latex paint. Always check the variety of brands available in the market and if you have any doubt, then it is always recommended to ask a professional for the right advice.

  • Selecting the Sheen Option

Paints are available at different sheen option and you can select from glossy finish or matt finish. If you are planning to paint the room for the children, then it is best to go for a glossy paint. They make the room look more lively and are very easy to clean too as their surface is shiny. If your children are into the habit of writing on the walls, then the glossy paint will allow you to clean them using a damp sponge. If you have custom trims in your rooms, then the gloss paint will make them look much better.

Semi gloss paints are best for the use in the kitchen and the master bedroom. They are not as glossy as the full sheen paint, but they give you all the advantages of a washable paint. They are also cheaper than the glossy paint and offer you a better coverage. If you are going to opt for satin finish paint, then it will give you a smooth velvet finish on the walls. You can use the satin finish paints on drawing room, hallways, and bathroom.

  • Colour Choice

The choice of the colour entirely depends from person to person. If you want to make your room look big and airy, then you should always go for the lighter shade of paints. Selecting an off white paint for the walls will make your home look roomier and will also help in reflecting the light. However, before finalizing any shade of the paint, you should look at the hundreds of shades that are available in the market. Every local paint shop has brochures to give you an idea about the shade of the paint. If you want to change the colour of the room, then you should always try with the same tone but in a different shade. It will give you a different look while keeping the original paint of the room intact. Always remember to take the help of professionals if you have any doubt in the process.

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Stephen Lockyer
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