WE get asked this question all the time, how do you get marks off your walls.

You should be able to get most dirt off a wall with not too many problems. Scuff marks and things that have damaged the paints surface can be a little trickier!

You are trying to clean wall paint, this is not like “car paint”. You can’t expect your internal wall paint to act in the same manner as the very expensive glossy surface that is on your car.

You cannot clean your wall paint the same, you wont even give it a good scrub without leaving a burnish mark!

For regular child or puppy dog made dirt marks on your walls, painted with a regular low sheen use a white cotton rag or even white paper kitchen towel. Just try warm water and wipe very gently over the surface.

Your dirty wall marks should just dissolve away. Allow a couple of hours to dry. Be careful not to burnish the paint by been too harsh. If some of the mark is a bit more stubborn you could try one drop of detergent into your warm water. If this fails Selleys Sugar soap is a brilliant option to remove that dirt that may have be a little more stubborn. Other great products are thing like Gumpton and those little white wall cleaning pads you will find in Bunnings or Masters.

If this has failed and you still have marks on your walls that you want to tidy up, you can now go on a hunt for your original touch up tins of paint.


Sometimes years down the track old rusty paint tins can still yield great results. Things you might find written on your tin of wall paint for touch ups are, Lowsheen, Wall Paint, Touch up Walls only, Walls etc. Don’t worry about a smelly tin or rust on the outside, try giving contents a stir and using a cotton bud apply a small amount in an inconspicuous area that has good light. Wait for an hour or so and see if the color dries down ok.

A few hours of touch ups can make a world of difference

If you need further advice, give me a call.
Steve lockyer

Stephen Lockyer
Stephen Lockyer
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