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In how many hours or days, the freshly applied coat of paint will dry? Well, there is no standard time; it completely depends on the type of paint you are using. Is it acrylic paint, latex paint, or oil paint?


When working with oil paint, it will take some time to dry, usually between 4 to 9 hours. Oil paints are usually 1.8 millimeters thick once dry. Painters Gold Coast always recommends respecting the drying time specified on the paint can, or it could develop bubbles and never dry fully. As a skilled painter of Gold Coast, I want to advise you that never put it on too thick: the drying time can increase significantly and the paint could even form drips while drying. Curing- the time it takes for the paint to completely harden, should take around a month.


When working with water-based paint (acrylic or latex), the drying time is not too long: 25 minutes for acrylic and 20 minutes for latex. The thickness of water-based paint is lesser as compared to oil at about 1.2 millimeters (dry). Acrylics are harder than latex paints and can thus withstand being scrubbed harder when washing a wall. However, both will need about 30 days for curing. Exterior paints dry faster because of the heat of the sun, but if the temperature is low or there is high moisture percentage in the air then the paints may also dry much slower.


Indoors, painters Gold Coast generally apply second coats of latex and acrylics paints without even an hour of drying time between coats, and they never encounter any problem. Usually, a fan’s air is enough to let these paints dry. But, it is important to ensure that the plaster is not dry or it could lead to bubbling.


Outdoors, I am more careful in terms of the drying time: exterior paints have a special formulation for UV protection, combined with the very cold winters and the very high heat is summers may play weird tricks on paints. So, it recommended reading the labels on the paint cans because all exterior paints are different.


Do you know, in Canada, manufacturers are not allowed to sell oil paints since September 2012, as they are high on VOC concentration? However, floor oil paints and stains are still allowed because there is no alternative.


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