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Interior painting can be a highly enjoyable form of self-expression, a chance to choose a color scheme that is perfectly yours. But often a color choice goes really far, creating what is called as a color “trap”. This occurs generally when dark or very bold colors of paint are used.


Below are some of the most common color traps and easy ways to avoid them:


The most common color trap for new painters: Choosing a dark shade of color without considering how it will look during dark hours. When the sun sets and only artificial light is present, novice painters can be shocked to see their walls appear to be a lot darker than they intended. To avoid this trap, check paint colors in every lighting condition- natural and artificial light, even sunny and cloudy days, before painting it all over the walls.


Another color trap is related to color harmony: Say, you have used a very strong color to paint your room and it looks perfect. But when you decide to paint the adjacent room, it looks that most colors clash with the walls in the first room. The best way to avoid this trap is to remember that colors should harmonize or be compatible from one room to another. So, plan the color scheme of your whole home in advance to avoid any such clashes.


A third color trap happens when a very bold wall color is used. The color may be so strong that it can overpower the rest of the décor, forcing you to use even brighter home furnishings to complement the walls. The best way to avoid this trap is to paint only a single wall and live with it for a few days before finishing the room.


Despite these potential color traps, dark colors can be used for creating striking home interiors. The secret is to take everything into account before finalizing a color scheme. If you have any doubts about your color choice, consider playing safe by choosing a paint that is a shade lighter on the color card. You can also consult home painters Gold Coast to choose the right color scheme. They have experience, knowledge and skills required to create a perfect and soothing color scheme for a home. No matter how different your lifestyle or décor of your home is they can help you choose a perfect color scheme.


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Stephen Lockyer
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