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Trends in interior design keep changing, with colors often moving in and out of favor. But, in 2017, we have been seeing that a note of stability has entered the scenario, with a prediction that ever popular gray is here to stay.


Designers expect that gray in its several variants will once again be the popular choice for all types of interiors this year- in homes, offices and everywhere else.


Gray is a very versatile color. It is beautiful and neutral, so it can work along with other soft tints or work as a foil for a number of great accent colors.


An important reason gray is so versatile is that it is not only a plain combination of black and white nor a stark primary color. Rather, “gray” refers to a group of complex grayish colors that usually contain hints of green, red, yellow, blue or still another hue.


Subtle tinting is what allows grays to work with such a huge range of contrasting and complementary colors. For example, gray paints that contain slightly yellow pigment work well with brown, gold, or beige while those containing red pigment coordinate perfectly with burgundy and purple.


Blue-grays along with off-white or beiges create a neutral color scheme that is both calming and classis. Same results can be achieved with yellow-grays. Red or green-leaning grays on the other hand, usually look more sophisticated.


Grays are also practical. They work with a range of colors, so it is easy to change the look of a room or space only by repainting an accent wall in a different color or even simpler, including a powerful “punch” color with the addition of accent pieces like pottery, pillows or paintings.


If you want to use gray as the main color in a room, it is best to begin by choosing a catchy gray paint for the walls, then look for the paint’s color formulate to find out the pigment colors it contains. Work this way for perfect color compatibility when painting an accent wall or trim, even when buying furnishings.


Using the color ‘clues’ hidden in the paint formula will assist you create a beautifully color-coordinated interior. However, most grays are so neutral that they will work with almost any hue. Again, that is the wonderful thing about gray. It is almost impossible to go wrong when using gray as the primary color for your color scheme.


So, if you have been considering residential painting Gold Coast, go for gray interior and make your home look chic and stylish.


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Stephen Lockyer
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