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Picking paint colors for an open floor plan can look like a complicated task to many homeowners.


The open floor plan doesn’t have obvious room partitions, areas have to be defined in a different manner. While in more “traditional” architectures walls, doorways and other rims provide natural “breaks” between various decorating styles, open floor plans present a unique challenge. How you can create different styles in different areas? Or you want to stick to a more uniform style?


One of the techniques to define the different areas all through the home is with careful home decorating paint color sections.


There are three different techniques to choose paint colors in an open floor plan.


  • Use Accent Colors to Define the Areas

Even though the environment you are working in might not be properly divided into separate spaces, you can still try and ensure the function of each space is carefully defined by its personality and color. For this, you need to choose different accent colors for different areas.


This can actually introduce warmth in an open floor plan and it is a great way to define different room areas. It is also a method to include bolder accent colors. The accent wall of a living area could have a brown color and a kitchen wall could be accented with green. Just make sure that the adjacent walls should be painted in a less bold tone.


  • Stick to one Shade Throughout, Generally a Neutral Shade

Paint colors can do one of two things for your home. They can be a focal point or they can disappear into the background allowing space and your furniture to define the character of the room.


If you like the later one, then consider using only one shade throughout your home. This is a nice option if you want your paint to be more of a background to your furnishing and not the center point of the space. But, this doesn’t mainly mean you have to choose a light paint color.


Artificial and natural lighting can also assist in establishing a color tone for the home. Even though the walls are continuous, lighting can change color from one section to the other. What looks blue in one light might look green in another.


  • The Third Option is an in-between of the two Styles

Obviously, creative people and more daring decorators might go for this third option. A combination of the two techniques we have discussed. This technique involves using a monochromatic scheme, but including different shades of the same color to define individual spaces. The easiest method of doing this is by adhering to the colors on one paint strip and using the darker tones on the same strip as your accent.


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